Ashiyan Hospital

Department of Anesthesiology & ICU

  • Electric ICU Bed (Trition Plus)- To keep a patient in any position in ICU, weight of a patient can be measured, Having mobile tray for keeping X-ray film.
  • Mechanical ventilator (Product of siare, Italy- For Artificial Ventilation in ICU.
  • Portable ventilator- For Artificial ventilation during patient transfer.
  • Infusions pump (German product)- To provide measured amount of I/V fluid or blood and blood products (If necessary) in a measured time to critically ill patient in ICU and operation theater during operation.
  • Syringe pump (Injector, German product) – To provide accurate and measured amount of drug in a measured time to critically ill patient in ICU and operation theater during operation.
  • Patient monitor- For monitoring and record heart rate, BP (IBP & NIBP), Temp, Respiratory Rate, SPO2, ECG in ICU and during Operation in OT.
  • Electric and Electronic general anaesthesia machine (Product of Morpheus, Italy) To provide measured amount anaesthetic agent to keep anaesthetized a patient during operation with mechanical ventilator, cardiac monitor Isoflurane and halothane vaporizer facilities. All kind of Anaesthetic breathing circuit can be used with this latest machine. Also we are having another two manual, non electric Anaesthesia machine, Made in Japan and China.
  • Radiolucent universal operation table (Dimond 50BK, Germany) – It’s a latest universal operation table with mobility of patient during operation in various position, radiolucent and allow all kind of operations in a single table.   
  • Operation theater light- These are newer OT light with double LED technology and brightness control facility, which provide clear operative field to surgeon and his assistant.
  • ABG machine – to analyze arterial blood gas of  ICU patients and a patient before operation if required.
  • Fumigation system- to sterilize the operation theater with formaldehyde and potassium permanganate.

Name : Dr. Abdullah A. Haroon
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