Ashiyan Hospital

Academic Council
The college academic council is composed of the Principal, Vice Principal and senior faculty members ranging from Professor to Assistant Professors of all the departments of the college.

Academic Council is the highest decision making authority of the college regarding all academic activities, administrative matters, and student matters specially student welfare relating to the college.

The decisions of the Academic Council, within the legal framework of the country, and not in conflict with the rules of the Directorate of Health Services, Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council, and the University of Dhaka, will be binding to all the teachers, officers, employees and students of the college.

QAB and Phase I, II, III Committees
The academic activities of the college are monitored by a standard quality assurance scheme. It is locked after by the Chairman, course committee who is also the Vice-Principal of the college. A senior Professor is the academic coordinator who maintains a constant monitoring of the ongoing academic activities. Phase I, II, III committees are formed for the 1st, 2nd & Final professional examinations with senior Professors as the Phase Coordinators and senior teachers as subject coordinators. They sit every 2-3 months to make the time schedule for in-course assessments, class routine and decide on other issues related to academic and student activities.