COVID-19 Facilities At Ashiyan Medical College Hospital

Ashiyan Medical College Hospital has newly inaugurated a world class PCR-LAB for COVID-19 detection test which is Bangladesh govt. approved. This lab has international level testing quality where using FDA, CDC & Bangladesh drug administration approved testing reagent/kit. Additionally, this lab enables to detect major infectious diseases Like COVID-19 and some cancer markers precisely based on RT-PCR.

Template Room


  • When you have a new persistent sneezing/cough/fever/loss or change in sense of test/loss of smell you should isolate yourself and continuing to wear a mask.

  • Recognizing any of these symptoms it is important to get COVID-19 test as soon as and call us for an appointment. You will get the COVID-19 result from us within less than 24 hrs.

  • If you are a COVID-19 positive patient you should avoid the close contact with anyone and isolate yourself for 14 days. In the meantime, take proper medications from registered physician.

  • Finally, after 14 days you should go through the 2nd confirmation covid-19 test to know either you are COVID-19 positive or negative.

PCR Room

Our Technology and Expert team

Considering your health risk our skilled COVID-19 collection team collecting COVID-19 sample from your Home, Office and Medical College Hospital booth for detecting COVID-19 by the state of RT-PCR machine (QuantStudio™) Real Time PCR system.

Report Delivery within less than 12 hours through SMS, Email, Written format.

Please Call us at 01988-881815, 01988-881877 for an appointment.