Instrument and The Service we are providing

  • OPG (Orthopantomogram): X-ray of both jaw as well as associated tooth to see any disease in the jaw and tooth
  • Intraoral chair side x-ray : Single tooth x-ray to diagnose periapical lesion, pulpitis and to determine length during root canal treatment.
  • Sterilizer : Sterilizer used specially in Dentistry for instant  sterilization
  • Amalgam mixture : Mix silver alloy and mercury in proper ratio and consistency
  • Intraoral camera : Patient can see his or her disease in the monitor

Treatments we provide:

  • Silver Filling, Light Cure Filling, Root canal, Scaling, Polishing.
  • Tooth extraction, surgical tooth ext.
  • Apicectomy, Cyst enucleation, Operculectomy.
  • Jaw Fracture management, Accidental Facial Injury Management
  • Crown, Bridge,
  • Partial Denture, Full Denture