To provide most modern diagnosis & treatment (both medical& surgical).Avoid unnecessary treatment & hospital stay. We are happy to send patient home as early as possible with full satisfaction. We are honest and sincere about our patient service. More than 90% of our surgical patients go home with in one day.

We can say confidently from our heart, that our treatment is International standard.

Our Instruments:

  • OPD digital examination chair.
  • OPD examination set with inbuilt suction, cleaner etc.
  • Audiometer (P.T.A &Impedance)
  • Fibro-Optic laryngoscope
  • E.N.T Microscope (both surgical & OPD)(On the way)
  • 90 degree endoscope with camera and monitor (on the way)
  • All the instrument for endoscopic surgery (sinus and others)(on the way)
  • All the instruments for Head- neck surgery (on the way)
  • CO2 laser with all instruments for laryngeal and phonosurgery (on the way)

What Surgery we can do:
In simple we can do all the modern surgeries safely and efficiently (includes about 1000 operations)

Some common names are given:

Ear surgery:
Hearing is our life. Hearing is the key to our relationship

  • Micro ear surgery including Myringotomy,
  • Myringoplasty
  • Tympanoplasty
  • Mastoidectomy,
  • Ossiculoplasty,
  • Middle ear & inner ear implants
  • Coclear implant

Nasal surgery:
Nose is our organ of respiration and smell by which we can enjoy our life

  • Septoplasty