Our Pathology Service

Name of Instrument Service
  • Heamatology Analyzer (Sysmex xs 800i)
  • All Heamatology Test Service
  • Semi Auto Bio- Chemistry Analyzer (Humalyzer 3000)
  • All Bio- Chemical Test Service
  • Electrolyte Analyzer (Easylyte Plus)
  • Electrolyte Test Service
  • Micro Plate Reader (Multisken EX)
  • All ELISA/Hormon Test Service
  • Blood C/S Analyzer (BACTEC 9050)
  • Blood C/S Service
  • Incubator (EN 025)
  • All  C/S Test Service
  • Blood Bank
  • Blood Transfusions Service
  • Histopathology (LEICA)
  • All Histopathology Service
  • All clinical pathology test service

Including above mentioned pathology services, all types of pathology laboratory tests services are carried out by this laboratory.